In 2017, walking in the mountains near Briançon, in a zone where a micro hydroelectric plant had just been completed, plants had been uprooted by the diggers to lay pipes. I noticed a root that was bright yellow. I collected it (being careful to use gloves, because I didn't know if it could cause and irritation) and researched what it was: a Berberis shrub root. In fact the bark of the root is well documented, and it contains Berberine, (According to Bulk Herb Store:) the primary alkaloid, is a potent antibiotic, astringent and anti-fungal.

I cleaned up the root, leaving as much of the bright yellow bark as possible (it was powdery), then I left it to dry out for about a year. Then and I applied a clear water based lacquer. The yellow has remained , but it lost some of its brilliance.

Dimensions: 600mm x 150mm x 100mm

Materials: Berberis root, clear lacquer

Completed: 8/2019