April 2020, during the COVID lockdown, walking locally, near the La Pierre aux Oeufs near Saint Chaffrey. I found another curious root, possibly Rosewood. It had some contorted branches. The strong spring sun dried it out quite quickly.

To hollow out the piece I fashioned a 40cm long drill head using a simple piece of reinforcing steel. The rest was with manual tools.

I enhanced the colour internally with a slightly tinted varnish, and left the external colour natural with a transparent lacquer.

For a base, I had a nicely curved piece of Mountain Ash found in 2019. Without the base, the Rosewood object looked like an Olympic Torch, but with the base it changed aspect completely, and its name to Edward Mani di Forbice or Edward Scissorhands !

Materials: Rosewood root, Mountain Ash wood (base), lacquer, varnish

Dimensions: 1000m x 1000mm x 400mm

Completion: 5/2020