During the winter of March 2020, just before the COVID lockdown, I walking locally, not far from Saint Arnould near Saint Chaffrey. I found a couple of pieces of old tree trunks from Mountain Ash.  Like most of the trees in the steep field, they had been harshly damaged by horses that graze there, they rub against the trunks removing the bark until the trees die. 

Cleaning the pieces I found that they were matching, and I managed to reunite them.   In this period of COVID, we are all very separate, so the topic of reuniting is very important.

The only adaptation was the addition of 3 small pieces of wooden pins to connect the two halves at the back.  The front 'handshake' is just touching, not joined.  I enhanced the colour internally with a slightly tinted varnish, and left the external colour natural with a transparent lacquer. 

Materials: Mountain Ash wood, lacquer, varnish

Dimensions: 600m x 400mm x 300mm

Completion: 3/2020

Portrait of an Old Woman (Oil on Canvas), by Rembrandt